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Short Film Concerning the Award Ceremony

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The Flowered Cluj Project of Cluj/Kolozsvár Town Embellishment Society officially closed

The Flowered Cluj Movement organised by the Cluj/Kolozsvár Town Embellishment Society was officially closed following the award ceremony on the 10th of October. Within the framework of the event, the winners in the categories of the Most Beautiful Balcony, Window and Facade were awarded, and special prizes were given.

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Five Days until the Awarding Ceremony!

The prizes for the winners of the Flowered Cluj Movement competition initiated by the Cluj/Kolozsvár Town Embellishment Society will be awarded on the 10th of October, at 18:00 in the exhibition hall at 4 Iuliu Maniu (Szentegyház) St.

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Everything you can be part of it!

The town becomes more beautiful!

The goal of the Flowered Cluj Movement is to induce the citizens of the city to be part of the creation of a more aesthetic and beautiful city.

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About the Cluj/Kolozsvár Town Embellishment Society

Who we are?

About us in a nutshell

The idea of re-establishing the Cluj/Kolozsvár Town Embellishment Society – Kolozsvári Városszépítő Egylet – is linked with the name of Balázs Gergely. The story began some time in 2016, when he took the initiative and asked a group of young Hungarians from Cluj to sit together and start talking about the fact that in spite of, or perhaps as a result of its spectacular economic and infrastructural development, Cluj had begun to lose its liveable and loveable, pleasant and aesthetic character. This initial recognition led to the growth of the originator team, as more and more people started to accept and share the conception that in order for Cluj to be worthy of the name of the ‘Treasure City’, projects were needed to bring about change from the perspective of town embellishment, a more liveable environment, and a more aesthetic city landscape. During the one and a half years that had passed between the initiative and the registration of the association, the circle of founders came together, the first project ideas were born, and finally the association was also registered. Click to continue